English, please!

It appears that you found one of the only English pages on Erreur404.eu. Chances are that you can’t understand French then…
But let’s be honest: unfortunately, I don’t really plan on translating the whole thing one day.

Still, if I am to trust my analytics, it appears that more and more non-French-speaking people end up on these Pages Not Found. Who’d have guessed?

I hence have been trying to think of a way to make my tiny Error404 more accessible for all of you English-speakers.

I thought of creating a form so you could request translations at the end of each article but… I won’t lie, I was just way too lazy to try and find the most efficient way to put it up.
Maybe I’ll do it one day, but for now, here is what I could come up with for you.

For starters, if you’re looking for my published works outside of this website, this is the page for you.

Now for the content of the website.
First, my stories. I don’t often write in English, but it happens.
Here is a page where you will find the short stories I have written in English so far.
I may write or translate more as time goes, but I won’t be taking requests for it.

Second, and I’m taking the easy road here, my DIY page and my Drawings page mostly consist in pictures, so I guess you wouldn’t be too lost despite the French descriptions. (Some of my drawings can also be found on my deviantART page, with English description).

Then, my blog. This is where things get complicated. Most of my articles are long and specific (I guess?), so on this page you will find very short summaries for each I have posted so far. This allows you to see which articles you think are of interest and then to request them translated.
I’ll be updating the list everytime I post a new article.

Unfortunately, I can’t really create an RSS newsfeed for this, so if you wish to be notified when new things are posted, please let me know in the comments (don’t forget your e-mail address) and I’ll set-up a special newsletter for you.

If you have any question, complaint, suggestion about how I should deal with the integration of English in this website, I am very willing to hear them. So please don’t hesitate to leave a comment on this page or drop me an e-mail!

Thank you for passing by and I hope you enjoy your visit here!