Published Works

In order to afford my therapy appointments, I am selling my self-published collections of short stories: pay what you want! I’ll send you the book no matter the price (as long as you give me your mailing address). It should allow everyone to have access to my books, and I am hoping for the good old crowdfunding balance to cover the costs.

Currently available:

40-page illustrated collection of short stories about toxic relationships and dealing with PTSD. Published along my other DailyShort on Instagram, then proofread, completed and formatted in a book printed and bound by myself.
10% of the money will go to Soniop for her beautiful cover. You can find her work on TwitterdeviantART and Patreon if you want to support her!
Making and shipping costs: about 10€.
Advised price : 13€.

French Version

Original version (English)

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Beside my self-published works, you can also find some of my stories in: