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Sometimes, I try to write in English. It actually happens a lot in my everyday life, but not that often when it comes to narration… Still, here are a few stories available in English. Some of them are quite old and haven’t been edited since, so please bear in mind that English is not my primary language and that ugly mistakes can be found here and there. (Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you see any: it helps!)
Also, I’ll probably post more later, so stay tuned (and leave a comment with your e-mail address so I can notice you whenever I post a new one!)

My most recent stories are my #DailyShort series on my Instagram account.

2017 – Behind the Grey Door
I was meant to see a concert, but the venue was a maze and I got very frustrated. What does a writer do to get rid of frustration? They write. This is my revenge on this venue, along with a touch of fantastique.

2016 – Refreshened™ Air
I saw this building and it had a story. A story with machines ruling a big building and clockwork dragonflies.

2015 – The Tower Saga
Written during my trip to Scandinavia. The whole saga is made of several short stories all set in the same universe, at different times:
thirteen micro-stories written on the back of postcards
Trimfire, written on 5 different postcards all sent from different places
News from the Outside, written on the plane.
You can also read more about the genesis of this project and how this all was created in 10 days.

2015 – Catching the Transmission
A souvenir I left to my host in Falun. When the Voice of the city tries to become a Writer, the machina will have none of it.

2011 – The Slow Slipping
A short story written for a contest  held by the #Writer–club on deviantART. Theme: « One factor missing/One factor added ». We had to show the impact of the missing/newly added thing.

2011 – Million Tears – Tribute to Andre Kosslick
A tribute to the German artist André Kosslick a great inspiration for me throughout many of his drawings, especially his series « Million Tears ». More information about this text on deviantART. (Read the artist comment.)